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Tend to the Mind, Body & Soul together for Total Inner Peace.

Combining Yoga, Meditation, Chakras & Crystals is the ultimate invitation back to balance! Take time for yourself, practice mindfulness, get curious. Explore your body, breathe deep and bring balance into your mind, body and life!

Yoga - unites the body and mind as it harmonises, body, breath, mind and spirit. Stretch, lengthen & strengthen. Bring energy into your body and rejuvenate your Central Nervous System. Improves your health, flexibility and fitness.

Meditation - master the art of meditation to centre the spirit. Relaxation and breathing tecnniques to quieten and focus the mind. Taking your focus inwards, helps you to relax and handle stressful situations more easily by encouraging postitive thoughts and self-awareness.

Chakras - Energy centres are situated all along our vertebral column and work not only the physical body but also on the subtle bodies. The twisting, lengthening and bending forward, backwards and sideways in Yoga Poses will awaken and balance these energy centres called Chakras.

Crystals - natural healing tools are used to boost your natural spiritual healing power. We use them to amplify our physical, emotional, spiritual and healing power and assist us in feeling happy and peaceful.

1 to 1 sessions available from my very own Zen Den in Lossiemouth on Mondays & Fridays 90 Minute Sessions Sliding Scale £10 - £20 what you can afford, bring a mat, a blanket and pillow if you prefer your own and a Crystal to work with and charge up. Contact me to book your session.