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Group Meditations in the Community or in my Zen Den​

Beginners Meditations

If you've always wanted to practice meditation here's the perfect opportunity for you to begin.

You can start to develop your meditation practice in a safe & confidential space. Taking it step by step starting simply, with the awareness of the breath,  using the breath as a tool for relaxation, allowing yourself to be guided through meditation into a deep sense of peace and clarity

Meditation Will –

Stop the mind from working overtime, your mind will generally be more calm, positive and balanced.

Give you peace & clarity.

Increase your awareness, especially of yourself.

Balance your emotions.

Improve your tolerance and compassion to others.

Help you adapt and adjust more easily to change.

Help you become more accepting of life and yourself.

Increase your general health and wellbeing greatly.


Crystal Chakra Balancing Meditations

Chakras for everyday living.

Discover how to transform your life through the power of Chakra & Crystal Healing.

We will have 2 Chakra centred Meditations per evening.

There will be opportunity to chat, listen, share & support each other in our healing in a comfortable, warm safe & confidential space.

Single Group Sessions

4 - 7  Week Blocks

Check Events Page for Dates

Or enquire if you have a different date in mind for your group.