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Luxury Aromatherapy Massage

Affecting all your senses, effective, deeply relaxing treatment.

Soothing & nurturing, can bring you whatever you need at this moment - either happiness, clarity, peace, pain relieve, calm, stimulating, relaxation, motivation, sleep, invigorating....

An Indulgent full body treatment, including a face & scalp massage using organic plant oils and essential oils which are chosen & blended to optimise the benefits, especially for you. The oils can either be balancing, stimulating or relaxing as well as soothing to any physical ailments. A gentler massage technique is applied, allowing the oils to be absorbed into the skin and work harmoniously with the body to restore mental & physical balance.

Awaken all your senses, nurture & nourish both your body & mind.

Treatment, at least one hour & 20 mins: £50



Guided Meditation, Breath Work, Aroma Massage & Oracle Cards

A fusion for all the senses, allowing you to switch off & be transported to another place.

* Set your intentions with a guided meditation.

* Cleansing breath brings things into focus.

*Drift away on a cloud of fragrance as an aromatherapy massage revives tired muscles. A facial deepens your relaxation further.

*Confirm & strengthen the power of your intention, be guided by the message you receive from an oracle card reading.

Treatment 2 Hours: £70


Thai Hot Compress Massage

A body treatment which is especially effective on overworked muscles.

–Thai Herbal Compress with aromatic oil massage – a more luxurious treatment, after light stretches the compress will be massaged directly onto skin followed by a warm aromatherapy oil massage = £75


Indian Head Massage

A powerful experience, relax tense muscles, clears sinuses, clearing your head & rids any troubling thoughts.

An ideal way to take away the stresses & strains of everyday life.

When stressed or angry the tension usually accumulates in the upper back, neck & shoulders. It can even come in the form of a tension headache. IHM is applied to the upper back, upper arms, neck, face, head & scalp, soothing the central nervous system.

As the head & face are so receptive to touch through the hundreds of nerve endings, treatment quickly soothes & relieves tension in the head, neck & shoulders, impacting on the brain, calming over activity & clearing your thoughts & mind.

Let all your worries & anxieties go, be at peace with yourself.

Treatment, 40 mins: £32


Organic Holistic Facial Massage

Enhance you natural beauty.

More than "just a facial" - impacting mentally, physically & emotionally. When you feel better - you look better.

Treatment can help achieve this in many ways :

* The Specific massage techniques applied improve circulation, stimulate the skin and tone facial muscles.

* The natural plant oils used are excellent moisturisers and have such a wide range of properties the correct oils will always be chosen for your specific needs.

*Treatment stimulates and soothes the skins nerve endings, inducing deep relaxation and allows the nervous system to calm down and function normally.

All products are especially chosen for you and includes a deep cleanse, tone, exfoliate, deep steam, massage, lymphatic drainage and pressure points. A deeply cleansing natural clay mineral mask is then applied while you receive a scalp and neck & shoulder massage.

To finish off, moisturiser is applied.

Feel good about yourself again, uplifted and confident.

Treatment, at least one hour 15 mins: £50


Crystal Wand Body Massage

 Providing a gentle & deeply relaxing experience using a variety of warmed Handmade Crystal Wands which transmit warmth & energy. Carrying you into a different space. The particular wands I work with correspond with the 7 Chakras, together with the Essential Oils work synergistically to increase & amplify each other's therapeutic properties. Resulting in balance & harmony within the body’s Chakra System, taking you into a place of pure relaxation & peace.  The ball of the wands can be used to work deeper and relieve muscular tension, while the stems can be used to stimulate acupressure points & assist the lymphatic system in the drainage of waste & toxins in the body.

Full Body, including face massage, One Hour 30 mins: £55


Pregnancy Massage

Every woman experiences pregnancy in her own way, massage can be of enormous benefit as it emotionally & physiologically supports you when your body is going through so many changes.

Massage provides a time for you to connect with your changing body, emotions & your baby, as well as prepare your body & mind for Birth.

Research has shown that your baby benefits from massage as the 'feel good' hormones are released during massage & then passed on to Baby! More...

Treatment, at least one hour: £42


Body Massage Scrub

Indulge a while – free from any responsibilities. Awaken reinvigorated, deeply content with silky soft skin. Once a citrus scrub is massaged into your skin, your skin is then adorned in floral & citrus; a massage strengthens, lengthens & straightens you out. Your inner glow will Shine Out.

Treatment 90mins: £55

… …

** Please be aware there is a 24hr cancellation policy - all late cancellations and no show will be charged in full.