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Something Different


Guided Meditation, Breath Work, Aroma Massage & Oracle Cards

A fusion for all the senses, allowing you to switch off & be transported to another place.

* Set your intentions with a guided meditation.

* Cleansing breath brings things into focus.

*Drift away on a cloud of fragrance as an aromatherapy massage revives tired muscles. A facial deepens your relaxation further.

*Confirm & strengthen the power of your intention, be guided by the message you receive from an oracle card reading.

Treatment 2 Hours: £70

… …


Chakra Balancing Treatment

*Beginning with a guided mediation to connect & focus.

*Rest & unwind under a blanket of colours. Bask in a cocoon of warmth you will feel from Reiki Healing Energy.

* Crystal Placement begins to transform your energy centres.

* A pendulum cleanses & clears, allowing the freeing-up of any old ‘stuck energy’ to begin.

*Choosing a crystal card & focusing on its message brings your energy to life & further transformation.

Treatment 90 mins: £48

… …


Body Massage Scrub

Indulge a while – free from any responsibilities. Awaken reinvigorated, deeply content with silky soft skin. Once a citrus scrub is massaged into your skin, your skin is then adorned in floral & citrus; a massage strengthens, lengthens & straightens you out. Your inner glow will Shine Out.

Treatment 90mins: £55

… …


Head & Foot Treatment

Let yourself begin to move forward, rewind & close the door to your past. See a clearer future & take a step forward towards it.

*Begins with a reflex toe to heel massage to unravel tension.

*A stimulating circulation boosting foot scrub is massaged in.

*While a warming mask works on your feet your scalp is massaged taking you into a totally carefree state.

*Finishing off with a nourishing foot balm.

Treatment 60mins: £40

… …


Reiki Massage

A recipe infused with the light & warmth of Reiki Energy Healing. Allowing you to drift off from any worries & really let go.

While the steady gentle pressure of a full body massage aligns & grounds you.

Feel rested as if you have had a good night sleep.

Helping you to align with your own rhythm.

Treatment at least 2 hours: £70

… …

** Please be aware there is a 24hr cancellation policy - all late cancellations and no show will be charged in full.